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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to do any manual work?

    No. Say goodbye to extensions, manual search and browser monitoring. Our platform is fully automated.
  • How much time do I have to spend to get leads?

    Up to 5 minutes. Import company names if you want to target people in those companies. Select people using filters. Press Download! Our platform will capture contacts within few hours.
  • How many leads can I download per day?

    As many as you have credits for!
  • I want to contact certain companies, but I do not have a list of them yet. Can you help me?

    Contact us, we will ask you about your needs and recommend the best solution.
  • When will the credits be consumed?

    When our platform starts downloading data, it reserves a credit for each profile that meets your download criteria. This credit will be consumed when we find a validated email address for that profile. All profiles without at least one validated email address can be downloaded for free!
  • Are credits transferable?

    We understand that some months you may need fewer contacts because you are busy processing leads! Credits from one billing period are valid for that period and the next month! So you have up to 60 days to use them.
  • How do you validate emails?

    We use the best mechanism based on communication with mail servers available on the market. We tested our software against four competing products on a 10 000 emails, and our software was 7% better than the average of the competition.
  • Why is a hard bounce possible?

    Even using the best validation mechanisms, we do not send emails to contacts. A small percentage of servers are configured to positively validate emails, but a hard bounce occurs when an email is actually sent. Do not worry, we will refund credit for any "hard bounce" emails.
  • I want to import contacts into the platform that are not listed in the integrations. What now?

    Contact us! We will add the missing file format to our platform.