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On average 1% of people respond to Cold Email
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Use poor quality, outdated or inaccurate leads

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Waste huge amounts of effort, time & money

Don’t reach customers on all available channels

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Get company data from any provider you want!
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Cloud systems download up-to-date leads in Real Time for you
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Start 5 times more conversations, that you normally do, with people who:

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Features, that make big difference!

Clean company names

We clean unnecessary suffixes, prefixes and abbreviations.
For example (formerly dapulse) becomes

Clean people names

Extra words are gone!
For example THOMAS (Tom) - I'm hiring becomes Thomas

Clean people titles

Unnecessary information is gone.
For example Vice President Sales Process Optimization (End to End Program) becomes VP Sales Process Optimization

Filter criteria

Use well know filters like: geography, industry, headcount, seniority, functions, included & excluded titles

Import unlimited companies

Upload CSV or XLSX containing company data points like name, website url and linkedin company page

Copy download criteria

Easily duplicate download criteria, to get the same buying committee for different companies list

Limit leads amount

Limit precisely the number of people downloaded for each company and download as a whole.

Create audience groups

Organize downloaded leads by their specifics using dozens of criteria.

Manage companies lists

Organize companies efficiently to handle perfect communication across campaigns

Intelligent companies deduplication

We keep Your companies unique by checking if any company data point is already in the database.

Preview download results

See profiles matching your criteria and download size, before you start the download!

Download complete information

Up to 80 data columns for person & associated company are filled with data for each lead, including associated profile pictures & company logo.

Find the data

Search for people & companies in your database using any criteria you want.

Enjoy your free time

All functionalities were designed & are improved continuously to automate anything time-consuming.

Export universal files

Download any data type & chosen columns from your account and import it to any external system, which accepts CSV.

Instant help

Each important use case has a step-by-step tour filled with information. All specific functionalities have additional information hidden in hints.

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